The Absent Column

Nathan Eddy´s video „The Absent Column“ about „modern architecture and the fight for its value in the world“ fit´s perfectly to my latest collage „City„, I´ve posted yesterday, particularly one of architect Betrand Goldberg´s building is included.

Nathan Eddy´s Video „The Absent Column“ über moderne Architektur und den Kampf um die Anerkennung ihres Wertes passt perfekt zu meiner letzten, gestern geposteten Collage „City„, zumal sie eines der Gebäude des Architketen Bertrand Goldbergs beinhaltet.

2 Gedanken zu „The Absent Column

  1. I would like to swear now but i will restrain myself.
    Its really sad they destroyed it,they could made a museum of it but noo,moneh,moneh,now theyll build an insurance company there or a bank,those f…..
    And when talibans destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan then all world was in shock,what a hypocrisy.

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