Collab Friends and Art Exchange

Das sind meine Freunde mit denen ich (nicht kommerzielle) Collage-Zusammenarbeiten gemacht und/oder Kunst ausgetauscht habe, z.B. in Form von Mailart, Tauschzirkeln, Magazinen –  aus Spaß an der Freude:

These are my friends with whom I made (non profit) collage collaborations and/or art exchange like for example mail art, swap circles, magazines – just because the fun of it:

Stan Askew – USA
Vittore Baroni – Italy
Allan Bealy
Angela Behrendt – Germany
Babs Bird –
Gloria Supatra Bhargava
– Thailand
Susanne Breuss
- Austria
Vizma Bruns – Australia
– Germany
Zach Collins
Angie Cope – USA
Lottchen Echo - Germany
Tali Gil – Israel
Laurence Gillot – France
Carina Granlund – Finland
Roxanne Handelong
Stefan Heuer – Germany
Reina Huges – Netherlands
Maartje Jaquet
– Netherlands
– Australia
– Netherlands
Axelle Kieffer – USA
Alison Kurke – Italy
Susanna Lakner
– Germany
Michael Leigh
– England
Petra Lorenz – Germany
Cash Mattock – USA
Cuan Miles
– South Africa
Koji Nagai – Japan
Norika Nienstedt
- Germany
Marko Novosel
– Croatia
Angelica Paez
Papiergedanken aka Geronimo Finn – Austria
Risa Profana
 - Columbia
Ptrzia tictac – Germany
Susan Ringler – USA
Lynn Skordal
 - USA
– Poland
Vivienne Strauss
Sacha Cohen Tanugi
  aka Itchi – France
Gina Ulgen – UK
Frank Voigt – Germany
Svenja Wahl
– Germany
Ed Wakefield
- England
Sally Wassink – USA
Dawn Nelson Wordrope – Scotland
Fi Webster – USA

2 Gedanken zu “Collab Friends and Art Exchange

  1. Hi Sabine! I’m writing to say that I just came across our collaboration yesterday because November of last year I was starting chemotherapy unfortunately. I’m just now done with treatment and working a lot on collages. Today I finished the new collaboration you sent! It came out really nice! Are you at the same address? I’ve moved but I’ll include the new address when I send the collage back to you. Email me at x Babs

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